Choose Rugged Vehicles- Run with Confidence

Aditya India Motors is the most renowned for the sales and services of buses and trucks assembled by Ashok Leyland. We sell the buses with all categories and capacities and the trucks with different carrying capacity empowered with long-lasting parts and chassis. We have all variants of trucks and busses available at Ashok Leyland.

We are the authorized sales and service point of Ashok Leyland Vehicles. Located in the heart of Kolkata, we are the only name having the authority to sell and service of all their vehicles. Our engineers are Ashok Leyland approved, and we provide original spares always.

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Our value proposition

Aditya India Motors is empowered by Ashok Leyland vehicles and well-trained engineers. With the advancement of technology, types of engines, and performing functionalities; we upgrade the qualities of engineers and train them as soon as the new technology-enhanced vehicles come to us. Therefore, technology strikes the perfect balance with all the rugged vehicles and our service. Besides, you will never miss any item of vehicles available at Ashok Leyland. All rugged build vehicles viz. busses and trucks are available here.

Your confidence in cost-minimizing

Purchasing a low-cost rugged vehicle may not be cost-effective. In our collections, you will get passenger buses, school buses, tourist buses, and staff buses, along with medium-duty trucks, tippers, heavy-duty haulage, etc. carriage vehicles. We always provide the vehicles with higher service intervals as this saves your cost and enhances confidence in business. We optimize maximum asset utilization to ensure better performance from your vehicle.

Why Aditya India Motors?

We have dedicated and trained technicians

Get all vehicle variations of Ashok Leyland

We deliver orders on time

We keep promises to ensure fixed free services

Get the competitive price of all segments of vehicles

Long service intervals are assured

Originality assured for all spares