Authentic Purchase with Reliable Service

Aditya India Motors is an authentic sales and service partner of Ashok Leyland. Here you will get all sorts of comfort buses, public buses, school buses and all other varieties assembled in India’s number one assembling company, Ashok Leyland. We have also a wide array of collections of low capacity trucks and high load trainers for carrying goods. We are proud to be an important part of India’s leading transport vehicles and goods carriage Manufacturing Company.

Passenger vehicles

All sorts of passenger vehicles like school bus, office bus, passenger bus, etc. are sold here. With the advent of newer technology, we have brought some newer series comfort buses having air conditioner system, jerk preventive equipment enhancement, better seating comfort, and smooth movement.

Goods carriage

We have hundreds of varieties under a singular category in the goods carriage series. Now, what you have to do is to choose a suitable carriage that meets your need for business and carrying capacity.

Rugged Trailers and LCV

Different sorts of rugged trailers are sold here with the extreme carrying capacity. Apart from this, LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) is also sold assembled in Ashok Leyland, the number one carriage assembling company in India. Light Commercial Vehicles are equipped with improved technology as well as lower fuel consumption facilities.

Here is not the end of the list of buses and carriages. We have a wide array of large vehicles of all kinds.

Dedicated Services

Probably, a single businessman will not buy a bus, lorry or any other goods carriage if he does not get any service. We are the authorized sales and service center of Ashok Leyland. We have company authorized technicians to provide quality services to all our customers. Apart from free services, we take care of after-sale lookup and maintenance services as well.